Have a short, long, fixed or flexible work assignment in mind? We will connect you with what you are looking for. Via our interactive service, the rating-based ranking system helps you find the best match for your need.

Crowd@Work is a company founded in 2016 and is operated out of Finland by a bunch of equal opportunity enthusiasts. The purpose of this platform is to provide equal opportunity for both companies and employees on the ever changing and evolving job market. We seek to match resource needs with right people with local skills (be it young or old, educated or entrepreneur) and bring both parties value for their money. Some companies are flying their employees all over the world - to audit the books, build a strategy, repair a machine or install something. Why don't you just use the skills available locally? And, at the same time, save the environment by decreasing the carbon-dioxide footprint, improve delivery times, support the local employment market and make the world a better place for future generations to come!

If this sounds appealing then we suggest that you dive straight into it.


What's Your Way@Work

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If you are looking for a permanent, long, short or micro assignment/work.

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People Needed@Work

It you are a private person and need some help with something. Get a professional close to you to do it for you.

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Companies need People@Work

If you are an employer that have assignments/work and now you are looking for a cost efficient way to get it done.