Have a short, long, fixed or flexible work assignment in mind? We will connect you with what you are looking for. Via our interactive service, the rating-based ranking system helps you find the best match for your need. 

Crowd@Work is a company founded in 2016 and is operated out of Finland by a bunch of equal opportunity enthusiasts.

The purpose of this platform is to provide equal opportunity for both companies and employees on the ever changing and evolving job market. 

We seek to match resource needs with right people with local skills (be it young or old, educated or entrepreneur) and bring both parties value for their money. 

Some companies are flying their employees all over the world - to audit the books, build a strategy, repair a machine or install something. Why don't you just use the skills available locally? And, at the same time, save the environment by decreasing the carbon-dioxide footprint, improve delivery times, support the local employment market and make the world a better place for future generations to come!

If this sounds appealing then we suggest that you dive straight into it.


Work flows with Crowd@Work 

Have a short, long, fixed or flexible work assignment in mind? We will connect you with what you are looking for. Via our interactive platform, the rating-based ranking system helps you find the best match for your need. 
Crowd@Work takes care of the rest for you. 

Looking for a job - Find the job when & where you need it.
Employers that need a hand   - Find the skill when & where you need it.
Learn more through the User stories.

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What we also offer?

We also offer short-term assignments via contract-based work by bringing together job seekers with work providers, be it companies or private persons in a need of help. Log in to the tool to customize your workplace to what you want it to be. For new users, register to become part of a new type of working life. 
Best of luck! 

As we are eager to improve our services based on your feedback - please share your ideas with our development team through the feedback section in the tool. 

Let's make it happen together!

This is what we aim for - Pricing made simple

We don't rip anyone off in terms of large fees or startup costs.
No hidden cost 
Only 1 simple charge when work has found its doer.
All prices effective 2nd half 2017 onward and are excluding local taxes, that will be added to the prices at the time of purchase. Please see this page for more VAT related information. 
*All provision charges are based on the contractual agreed salary or the first full annual salary. If the system is still missing a correct salary information at the end of recruitment process, we will be forced to charge a base fee of 42,39 € local taxes / job add.

Company / PRivate Employer

Private persons


"We love what we do, so we do what we love, because nothing is impossible"

Our Values

We earn and show respect around us. We see this as a mutual agreement between all parties involved in a relations and agreements.  We seek to always prove our selves worthy of each others respect.

Universal fairness that enables equal opportunity for everyone. We see a potential in everyone to succeed.

The world we are living in is the most precious thing we can look after and nurture. We look for ways to increase sustainability in ways that add value to the life we live today. -We just do things differently and smarter.

Value proposition

Consumer closeness
We are constantly exploring new ways to improve our service and create customer value together with our user community. We are actively seeking for new ways to improve the platform performance and usability with new features and functionalities so that we rise to the customer expectation and our promise. We offer our customers the chance to be in the heart of shaping tomorrow’s way of working - anyone can take part through the C@W social network and discussion forum.

Cost efficiency & Recruitment solution

The organization’s financial situation can have an impact on their ability to recruit. Crowd@Work matches a cost efficient way to scale a business in both directions with a wide spectrum of job opportunities. Crowd@Work offers a comprehensive, innovative and transformative service that everyone can customize for themselves to best serve their needs.

We promise

Nothing is impossible – together we are more.
Crowd@Work is a solution that has been developed to rise to customer needs - exceeding the current solutions on the market. We promise a cost efficient, easy-to-use recruitment service. We are working relentlessly to improve ourselves and the performance of our service.

Keeping inspiration alive.

We are an innovative team that looks for ways to do things more efficiently, maybe not that different from others, but more efficient and down to earth. That’s also why we see that the environmental aspect is so important. It’s a part of our values to ensure that what we do has a positive effect on the sustainability of our world. It does not need to be about stopping doing things but rather doing things in a smarter way. We get inspired by the opportunities we see arising from the changing work life and we seek to fearlessly implement our vision of contributing towards building a better tomorrow; by listening our customers, partners, and networks and learning from each other , exploring new things, getting inspired, and of course, making tomorrow’s way of working more sustainable.

August 22nd, 2016

The crowd sourcing idea was born

It just hit us that the world is changing and there's a need to make equal possibilities available to everyone.... not just to a few selected and fortunate but to everyone and with equal opportunity. And if we can at the same time create a better future for our next generations to come, why not!?

September 15th, 2016

The team was identifyed

After careful consideration, a team of professionals were put together to tackle the question? 
How will "worklife" and "worklife balance" look like in the future?
How can we brighten the future for our next generations to come?

September 22nd, 2016

Hosting and infrastructure in place

Our development system was put up and first tests were done.

November 2nd, 2016

Crowd@Work Oy was officially born

Crowd@Work Oy was registered with the Finnish Business Information System ,YTJ and was granted permission to start its business.

August 22nd, 2017

The platform went live

Schaboom and Jaba daba doo... We are live! A lots of laughs, sweat, tears and frustration went into this. But now we are finally here. Let me just say that it has been a joy to see this baby being born. It should be said though that this was just one small and interim step on the longer roadmap that we have in front of us. so please expect more to come in the next month.

August 23rd, 2017

Interactive and agile development continues

We have a long backlog of things that will come sooner or later. It depends on the feedback from customers how and what we will do first. In any case releases it will be done in batches every 8 week

August 24th, 2017

We are looking for investors

We are open for discussions with investors that would like to speed up the development and release cycle. 
Let me just first state that any investor that is not able to comply with our philosophy or values will not proceed beyond the first coup of coffee.

October 22nd, 2017


Automated invoicing

December 10th, 2017


Automated reporting

January 20th, 2018


Graphical design and translations

February 20th, 2018


Communication campaine starts

Rest of 2018


Implementation of a Blockchain ledger to manage personal information flow

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence to create added value for both Employers and Employees in terms of providing automated suggestions of what more could you do with the information available today.

We always

use interactive and agile development

We update our roadmap based on user feedback, organized in releases. This means that the service/platform is what you make it to. 

We make feedback count.


We'd love your feedback or improvement suggestions

Please fill in the form on the right and our teams will get back to you and your topic as soon as they can.
And if you really feel an urge to come and visit, please find below our contact information:

  • Purokatu 6-8 E25, 06400 Porvoo, Finland
  • +358 50 594 7907
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